Auld Lang Syne…

Auld Lang Syne
Auld Lang Syne

Every story has a beginning and an end, while every end really is a new a new beginning...

This one might be better known as “Old Angzine” today and is believed to have come from Auld Lang Syne which part of the Old Scot dialect meaning “Old long since”.  As its New Year’s Eve, figured it would only be appropriate to say good-bye to 2011 in the same fashion which created it.  Ok, what do I mean by that, well its simple as last year I made a New Year’s resolution to write a blog post every day as I’m a believer to the fact that if you’re going to commit, then commit you should and that I did.

So basically everyday in 2011 saw a post, save for a couple screw ups in setting the release system back in March when I was still figuring out WordPress, however count wise there has been one for 364 days this year without fail (actually 398 in total). Sick, on vacation or where ever in the world I was, they still when out and it was no easy feat as I work on average 14 hours a day or more.

I also set some general rules of averaging around 500 words and in the beginning I tried to get fancy with italics and links however had to pull it back a little as time is the killer and its limited.  Also at the start I had a lot to say, as maybe first I should explain why did this to which will explain Auld Lang Syne.  As this year I turned 49, which means I’ve been on this earth 49 years and have started my 50th.  Well first I’m happy to be here, however second was while wisdom was setting in, I still felt that too much of the world was passing me by and didn’t want growing old to mean growing dumb or falling behind.

This is where the blog came in as to write 500 cognitive words a day was not an easy task as I had to take in information, digest it and turn it around with meaning.  Folks, I dare you to try it home as it aint easy. So here is the point, until today I had no clue about Old Angzine or Auld Lang Syne, however today I do as every day I learned something new which was the point.  However in the last three months or so I’ve notice that things have started to repeat a little and was the inspiration for the post “All Words Have Been Spoken” as frankly I didn’t have anything to say that day and that fact itself was something to say.

However it takes a lot of time to write this blog, a good hour a day as typically its starts its life on my iPad, in fact when something would hit me, I would write it down.  Then later I would look back and when “it” struck me, then it was off to the races to write the 400 extra words (I use the Chapters App on the iPad).  Then I would mail it off to my PC and in the evening before bed around midnight I would edit using MS word and Text Aloud to read the text to make edits.  This would all take about at least an hour, then there was posting and finding a graphic or creating one (readership doubled when I started adding graphics).

So do this 7 days a week and it works to your spending 1 working day a week on this which is a lot of time for someone who works 14 hours days to start with.  So I share this as it’s a perfect example of the theme behind the name The Viral Loop, as for me it’s nice a way to say Zero Sum  as to do this I have to give something up and what was that?  Well in fact it was several things, however one of the biggest one’s was exercise as in 2011 I’ve put on a good 20 to 30 pounds in 2012 I have to get it off and no I don’t believe in weight loss resolutions.

So does this mean the end to The Viral Loop, no however I’m going to drop back from daily posts more to weekly and no this will not be a resolution and will most likely do a little more and maybe a little shorter at around 200 to 250 for more “comment” pieces.  As I also plan to expand The Viral Loop brand a little to as I plan to move off WordPress.Com to my own hosting site as acquired the name THEVIRALLOOP.COM and will host it myself so look for changes there.

As one of the things I want to finish is a book I started about two years back titled “What’s In Your Pocket” which is a practical guide-book to reading people and using that information in negotiations.  Also as a side bar, I’ve authored a number of books on various things over the past decade (most technical in nature) so its not a whim, yet doing a book is a lot a work, however they are exciting.  In addition, I’ve started a publishing company too that develops iOS Apps for Apple devices as well marketing web sites so yes life is busy and I need more time. (no I don’t sleep much at all)

The other interesting thing is readership is about 80 people a day visit, there is a group about 20 repeats the rest cycle in from Google searches which is one of the reasons I started the internet marketing business as Google is an amazingly powerful machine and will be a post in the future for sure.  My most popular post, the one on Polychromatic Time, it the top read every week!  I have no clue why, however it is and the second for the longest time was the Lindy Effect however that has fallen off a bit in the past 3 months.

All in all it’s one heck of a ride this year and I’m looking forward to 2012 as I always like even-numbered years as maybe it’s because I was born on an even year.  Either way I wish you and yours the best possible 2012 and will see you on the other side…

P.S. If you’re wondering, I’ve written around 238,000 words in 2011 for this blog, and Yahoo Answers says an average entry novel is 80,000 to 120,000 words.  So folks this is basically two novels.