The Right Heads Right…


Whats the difference between the Great Chinese Firewall and SOPA, let see none...

As agreement on copyright law have never seen to break down neatly along partisan lines in the past, yet it appears today is different.  As here many of the key supporters championing the Stop Online Piracy Act are interestingly enough from the yes political right. Here legislation which is supported by Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) is enjoying support from none other than the right-leaning, corporate-funded organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and Americans for Tax Reform.  Yes the typical big brother folks who you would think would be on the side of big media.  Hey wait a minute, isn’t “big media” a liberal left leaning institution after all?

Yet here is a lesson as a growing number of right-leaning individuals as well as organizations have come out vocally against SOPA. Even as of last week, the Heritage Foundation which is one of the nation’s most influential “conservative” think tanks senior researcher and fellow James Gattuso has published an article warning about the “unintended consequences” of SOPA..

It’s in his manifesto of sorts that Gattuso points out that SOPA would in fact undermine Internet security by delaying the implementation of DNSSEC by pushing Internet users to use offshore DNS servers to circumvent DNS blocks. The article also warned that this new government regulation of “search results” would be “the first step down a classic slippery slope of government interference that has no clear stopping point.”

While Gattuso takes no issue with “stealing” needs to stop [as in online privacy], he argues Congress should deal with the problem “in a way that does not disrupt the growth of technology, does not weaken Internet security, and respects free speech rights.”  As its here he doesn’t think SOPA fits the bill as just think about this way as SOPA will “censor” and yes I used the “C” word your DNS!  Do you know what that means?  Most “Joe” averages do not, however DNS (Domain Name Service) is the unsung hero of the internet which makes the internet “human” usable as without it would be nothing more than a bunch of octets.

It also mean the US Government would be encroaching upon the right to free speech there have been many discussions in the past too regarding DNS and the domain (pardon the pun) of free speech.   As the kicker here is there is nothing as Gattuso points out for users not to point their browsers to off shore DNS services.  So we’ve made a lot of ado yet solved nothing other than pushing more “authority” off American shores which is bad for commerce as yes liberals seem to forget without commerce there won’t be people to “legally” buy their products as they just tossed the baby out the 30th floor window with the bath water.

Yet you know what scares me even more, ok think about it for minute [insert pause here] as yes this is the US’s version of the “Great Chinese Firewall”.  As when you start controlling DNS, you start controlling the “free word” and we are a nation based upon our rights of “free speech”  and edification of DNS is no different than the banning of books because someone seems to think they know better…

Basic Ontology without the Rubber Gloves…

Being smart isn't always enough, as its achievement that puts lunch on the table...

Welcome back, and as promised we will continue on as to why even as you’re lost, you still are right and how all existing things total up to infinity.  Whoa, that’s a lot isn’t it so we should just jump in and tackle these head on as some of you might be reading this over three 3G while your lost hoping to find a way out of that recursive nagging your significant other is providing you right now.

As let’s go back to Buzz Light Years favorite saying of “Infinity and beyond” as how did I get to 1: infinity any way you ask?  Well its easy, you have “all existing stuff” as a starting point right?  That’s “1” then when you start to break it down where do you stop?  Maybe at “class” as in “car” or maker, color and so on to the point where we are talking about atoms and quarks and so on as in fact just as a number system runs into infinity, so does basically every system (as since they can be represented by a “number system” this would make sense).

Since this is the holiday season, let us say you’re going to Grandma’s house and she has moved and your lazy behind was too busy to help her “move” so you’re not quite sure where she lives, however your craving some of that great poppy seed bread she make so you and your spouse set off on a road trip.  So we can say:

Home —>Grandma’s

Is the task at hand, however as you get 30 min’s into the journey only to find you’ve left your GPS in the other car and your cell phone is dead, you decide you have no clue where you’re at.  However are you wrong? Well not, your simply just not as right as you wanted to be since the proof above is part of an “infinite set”, it also contains:

Home —> Anywhere but Home

In as much as you’ve walked out the door you have achieved a level of rightness in the transaction; however you’re simply not as “right” as you hoped to be to at that given point  in time.  Ah yes, time that nasty dimensional thing Einstein brought to life per say which adds [yet] another measure to things making life just that much more difficult.

See this is where life becomes interesting as probabilistically all things are part of a “set” and our goals are based upon these “sets” and there it becomes a measure of “resolution” which defines our true level of rightness if you will in action.  As if your having brain surgery, and the surgeon shows up then that’s half the battle right?

So Campbell my spouse is POed at me, I still can’t find Grandma’s and now you’re telling me it’s all in the resolution so  what the hell here (on top of it I’m hungry too so I’m a little grumpy). Well the point is, if you understand a “system” you have better chance at being “righter” as over the years I’ve seen to many people draw things in shades of absolutes rather than achievements. Ok, ok I get it. Well lets put it this way to explain better.

For those that are old enough to remember Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner this one is for you (if not, find a copy and watch just one episode and you will get the idea). As what you will remember (or see if this is your first time watching) is that Wile E. (the coyote) comes up with a good idea to catch his prey the road runner, yet fails.  After, this set back if you will he devise’s yet another [different] way to attempt to corner the bird for lunch rather than altering (note, I avoided the word correcting) his prior effort.  As in short, “Wile’s” system wasn’t “wrong”, It simply wasn’t right enough.

Understanding this is of critical importance as how many times in life is something made up of just one iteration of “something”?  Even in our daily jobs we do the something “just different” each day therefore understanding  the ontological underpinnings of the “system” is critical as the morphological adaption’s (unlike Wile E.’s) is what makes for success…

If I’m so Right, Then Why Do I Feel So Wrong…

The world in fact operates in shades of gray....

Well as after waxing on Dickens’s quote from “Tail of Two Cities”, I had promised to re-wax (yes, can just hear the Karate Kid wise cracks out there; wax On, Wax Off) on the topic of “rightness”, what it means and why along with a bit more. Yesterday we explored the “yin & yang” of Charles words and I have to say “words” themselves are amazing things as they have so much power especially when assembled into a “collective” which  calls out a reflective, yet recursive idea which spins into infinity.

Yet you still have to ask about what got me here, well it is a good question as while in the Netherlands a few days back, a colleague and I headed out from Den Haag for the manufacturing city of Eindhoven for a business meeting.  To get there the colleague fired up his new fangled GPS and we were off, however why do I call this a “new fangled device” as while I have one [GPS], it’s about 4 years old and we all know what that means technologically right?

As my older unit does a good job of getting me from point “A” to “B” which is the right answer as I’m “somewhere” and the goal is to get somewhere “else” and the orange line appears and I follow the nagging voice.  Yet in the end, if I’ve selected all the right “stuff” then at the conclusion of the journey I will be at or, at least near the intended destination.  So in essence the GPS was right, as it got me there however was it really right?  As how many times have you used a GPS on your home turf per-say and noticed it took you way out of the way, or routed you though an unsafe area and so on?  So the question is, while it was “right”, how right in fact was it?

This is where the colleagues GPS struck me as interesting as it provided three options, based on the data it had been given such as traffic (remember it was a new fangled one), stops and road speed.  In short it could present a “righter” answer then my age worn battle axe of a unit could.  So both units would be “right”, however his unit has a chance at being “righter” about the answer which is a basic “proof” that “rightness” is in actuality subjective and not objective.

Whoa you say what does all this mean then?  Well (guys) when you head out and get lost and the wife is nagging at you for not asking directions, because you forgot the GPS in the other car, you can now with a straight face tell her you in fact are still right.  Alright let me explain, as we call upon “Ontology” to save us in this debate as this calls forward the concept of can we categorize things so if we were to take all “existing things” and sort them into categories how many would we have?

So pause the tape here for a minute and get your pencil and paper (no calculators please) out and figure the answer on your own, when done please restart the tape.

Ok, welcome back and what answer did you arrive at?  If it was 1: infinity then your right as the 1 is the group of “all existing things” and the “infinity” is the resolution.  What you say, well you will have to check back tomorrow and I will explain…