When Is A Movie Worth More Than Personal Liberties?

This week I must say it was not with surprise, yet disappointment which I read the story of a Columbus, Ohio man who was pulled out of a movie for wearing Google Glasses.  On top of it, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) special agents “yanked” the glasses from the man’s face.  In my mind this raised the question, where is the line between the value of a “movie” and one’s personal liberties?  Will we have ICE agents now stationed at every movie theater door paid for by our tax dollars?

Also before going further, after lengthy discussions and providing he was not using the glasses for nefarious actions such as copying the movie he was released.   So again, no wrong deed was occurring other than him wearing the glasses and becoming persecuted for such and this is what concerns well in fact scares me the most.  As we are now enter entering age of “Techno-Persecution” as be it Google Glasses, cell phone cameras, etc.  The establishment is taking a hard line on these devices and our liberties to our freedoms with it.

While there can be long arguments on this topic, there appears to be several fundamental flaws.  The first being our tax dollars paying for “movie storm troopers” as really?  The motion picture industry makes billions, yet our tax dollars must fund their “commercial protection”?     I am simply at a loss for words, as ok piracy is stealing no question, however if you steal a DVD from a store it’s a misdemeanor, yet torrent it and its $250,000 fine?  Also did the ICE agents stop the movie from being copied no, as the man was not copying it in the first place and two will bet you dollars to donuts that if you check there are copies of “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit “ all over the cyber-sphere so we as tax payers had our money wasted for nothing and too a man’s liberties were compromised because of only his eyewear.

There is no question change breeds fear and the cusp of technological advancements which we sit upon today, we must fear the “Victorian” systems of beliefs which run the risk of placing us all under house arrest as Galileo Galilei was for committing heresy against the Catholic church