Importance of Free Speech as January 18th Will Live In Infamy…

Free Speech

As this is the second American Revolution and the shot heard around the world as the American people shouted, loudly did they shout to their elected officials. In turn, the volume was so loud they [the elected officials] could not stick their heads in the sand as with health care and the many other things they feel they “know better” then the people who elected them.

With this, both SOPA and PIPA have been tabled, yet what does this mean? As is the war over and won by the people, or is this just a battle while the political overlords lay in wait for us “the people” to settle back into our daily slumber allowing them the ability to sneak these ill deeds in the backdoor.

Well unfortunately it’s the latter as any good negotiator worth their salt knows the term “defend and delay“. The political overlords (i.e. the left leaning big media purchased politicians) tried to “defend” their position yet unsuccessfully, so what’s next? Yes, you guessed it, “delay” as people tend to forget and big bangs as a redux on the same topic is very hard as the “vogue” factor has worn off with the first go around.

As this is the difference between a “battle” and a “war” as you can think of the war as being a “long period of boredom” punctuated with “short bursts of pure insanity”. As the first battle is always memorable (good or bad), yet the second is old hat where the excitement has long left. Thus the way to win a war you ask, the answer is simple out wait your enemy. As the media companies aren’t going anywhere tomorrow so they have nothing but time on their hands with deep pockets to.

As I wain here in a negative light, there is a lot to be learned from a battle like this when 13 million voices speak at once the sound is deafening and is the main reason this fight is so important as it’s not about pirated movies or someone torrenting the latest Lady Gaga songs. It’s about the ability to do what we just did (yes I was one of those 13 million voices) as this is what freedom is about, it is what America was founded upon. Should the media companies find this important to their business model than may I suggest China where this is allowed and as I walk down any street there [in most of Asia] are dozen street vendors wanting to sell me pirated movies so what have they accomplished?

As I’ve waxed here before, pirating is a commercial problem and not a social one, therefore social means such as free speech should not be compromised for commercial gain period. As the “right” to speak and present openly is a basic human right, even if some choose to abuse this “right”, it does not give others the right to take this away from us…

Game On…

Win / Lose Matrix...

So when is it that we are “playing a game”, and why is it important to understand this moment you wonder.  As in this context, we aren’t speaking of video or board games, as these are the games we play in ever day life which make the world go around in that we negotiate with spouses, children, bosses, coworkers and clients every day.  As with out this exchange, the world would sit static as there would be no reason to do things such as mine ore to make steel for cars, nor have the sales person on the floor of the shiny show room to sell you the finish product.  Also lets take a moment to understand why we call this a “game” in the first place, as if we look to our friend Webster he defines the “tactical” definition of a game as “a procedure or strategy for gaining an end” and isn’t this the goal?

For example if Wal-Mart ™ places a product on a shelf in their store is this a game?  The answer is sort of but, no as it’s only an incitement to play a “game” much a kin to a casino.  As when you step into a gaming establishment you are presented a myriad of options as enticements to “game”, however it’s not till you “decide” to lay down your money does the game start in earnest.  While there may be a competitive situation set up between Black Jack and Poker and there will be a winner and loser as if you pick to play let’s say Black Jack over Poker, the “house” still wins, however the dealer of “poker” loses.  So if we look at it this way:

Customer1 + House1 (Black Jack1 + Poker1)  = 0

So why this works is simple as the Customer1 has a finite amount of money to give to the house now don’t get lost on the fact of “0” and the argument that the customer can walk away with a greater amount then they walk in with in this case as it’s only a fact of “distribution” and not a win or loss as we need to look at this way to better understand what is happening:

Whereas: Win =1 Lose=-1 Therefore: Customer1 (Win) + House1 (Lose) = 0

This is in fact how business works and why it’s so important to understand as back to our friends at Wal-Mart™ when they are placing a product on a shelf they are taking a risk to entice you into a game, so we could look at it like this:

Customer1 + Wal-Mart1 (Productsy * X)  = 0  Where X= Number of Products

Here again the game cannot be greater than the least (minimum) amount in the game between the two sides, so if the Customer has $100 dollars in their pocket that is the maximum size of the game in this scenario, as in the Casino as well as Wal-Mart the key is to play the most winning games possible.

So again why is this important, well lets define the aspects as:

  1. There can only be a one (1) winner and one (1) loser in a game, everything else is psychological.  Take for example my purchase of an iPad II,  as Apple™ won 850 of my dollars and I lost 850 dollars, and while I am “happy” with the purchase, because it’s only psychological as I have still forfeited 850 dollars and thus lost.
  2. It’s important to understand what “game” we are playing as its only the final “game” which counts. Take for example Black Jack or Poker, its selection is psychological as its only a prelude to the end game.
  3. Don’t get lost on the distribution as a “factor” in winning or losing as no matter what there still will only be one winner and one loser distribution only becomes a factor in the decision to play the game (we will talk more tomorrow about this).
  4. The last position in the game (sequence) is the “final” game*.

Living life is very much like playing a “game” and hence the popularity with board games such as Monopoly, Life and even Candyland demonstrate this and rhetorical success (as also in these games) is defined by whom at the end of the game has the most “currency”.  Thus because there is only so much currency in the box like the real economy, someone has to lose theirs for you to win…

*Note: Resale markets (eBay, Craig’s List, etc), leasing and the like have become disruptive game changers to the standard economic models as in the past the consumer would purchase a product and its resting place would be the trash.  However, now many things are finding their way into a newly created secondary market which in turn pushes out the “end” game.