Consummation or Separation…

Consummation or Seperation

The question is will it be consummation or separation?

One of the things which have struck me recently in the area of social dynamics is the idea of “consummation or separation” as this is simply a nicer way of rephrasing my father’s saying “son you have to shit or get off the pot“.  While yes it is less colorful in verse, it yet carries the idea in a more graceful context that there is in fact an aspect of “social intercourse” where the parties involved exchange “empathy” in the form of engagement.

This is one of the reasons the airlines will always remain in business too, as I do not care how great web-based video conferencing technologies becomes, the fact of being there, face to face with a hand shake pressing skin is the critical success factor as complete empathic exchange can only occur in person and not some you-tube like channel.  While rote data maybe exchanged via various media “channels”, they only serve as a method of social “foreplay” if you will in the creation of excitement, yet not completions.

In fact when we query our friend Webster on the topic of “Consummation” we will quickly find he claims this to be the “finish” or the “completion” of something which was mutually started.  This in itself is interesting as in the “consummation” of a marriage is actually the end of it?  While not written by Webster, the implication of importance here is the fact that “consummation” is really the beginning of an “anew” state whereas there was “separation” there is now singularity which takes place in this empathic social dynamic as either your together or your apart, there exists no grey area.

This is a critical aspect of negotiations as you’re either with me or against me [i.e. consummation or separation] as there exists no middle ground as pointed out by John Nash [Nash Equilibrium] as unless there is mutual [consummation] the first one to blink will lose…