Can Everyone be Great…

Can Everyone be great

Popular or Great?

It seems today that in the era of Apple’s mantra of create “great” things and everything is all that plus some, there might be a bit of confusion in our ideology as if everyone is great then in reality isn’t everybody just the same?  As when we go back to our friend Webster we find all roads for “great” in turn cross with the reference of “large” as in “of a kind characterized by relative largeness” or “remarkable in magnitude, degree, or effectiveness”.  So if everyone was “large“, would everyone be great well the answer is no as then everyone would just be normal.  In sorts, “great” can only be an exception and never a norm so to say one should only do “great” things is to me misleading.  As do you want your trash man to do great things, the simple answer for most of us is no, you just want him to make your trash go away right?

In short we like the idea of great things such as winning the lottery, yet we still (for the most part) do the “popular” thing and go to work every day to pay the rent.  As this is the important point out of this as we find there is a universal fight between the concepts of being “popular” and those of being “great“.  As for example let’s take the famous Golden Arches, yes the venerable Mickey D’s as in MacDonald’s as are they “great“?  I’m doubting you will find too many (if anyone) which will say they are (who are consumers of the product).  Yet, if you ask these same people if they are “popular” you find a whole different story as yes they are and in turn too people happily hand them their hard-earned money.

As even popular things cannot happen in mass as there must always be a measure of scarcity in the creation of popularity or even greatness as for these two to exist they must “exist” in the minority and not in the majority.  Because once a “minority” reaches a “majority” state, the exception is now the rule and what once was the expectation is now the norm.  So then to say everyone should do great creates false promises as should we not be shooting for just being popular at general best?

To further this example, let’s go to Hollywood for another case study as how many celebrities are “great” versus being  just “popular”  as you may even say “boy that was a great performance” however does one performance make them great or does it simply support their popularity?  Case in point, Madonna and her modern-day clone Lady Gaga, as were/are they popular?  You bet and in being popular their music was/is enjoyable however I can guarantee you if you checked the current replays of Madonna songs will come nowhere near that of the Beetles and when Lady Gaga starts sagging (in more ways than one) the same will be the case as they are popular and not great which means they have a shelf life.

While some say this maybe a mincing of words, I on the other hand claim we as a society are fooling ourselves with dreams of grandeur as we should strive to do our best, however we should not fool ourselves with the rest…